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LMK Advocacy was instrumental in securing significant funding from the state Operating Budget to fund the establishment and operation of the Wright State University Public Policy Institute.

LMK worked diligently to educate key legislative leaders on the importance of meaningful policy experiences for students interested in local, state and federal government as a career.

Numerous public universities in Ohio have well-established policy institutes having significant impact for their students. LMK made the strong case to leadership in both the House and Senate that is was time for Wright State to provide those same opportunities for their students.

Securing funding for a new program is no easy task. LMK worked hand in hand with majority caucus staff in the House to research and draft language to define how the institute would be structured and how it would function.

Using our longstanding relationships with the legislative delegation, LMK met regularly with Miami Valley legislators to make the case for the establishment of this program. One-on-one communication with each legislator is imperative to obtaining their buy-in and support.

Following several months of strong advocacy with legislators, Wright State was awarded more than $1.2M to establish and fund the Wright State University Public Policy Institute.

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