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Understanding and navigating government policy can be tedious and time-consuming. Integrating into the government procurement process is something few companies ever do well unless they have experienced, skilled advocates on their side.

LMK Advocacy understands that accessing the correct state funding programs and impacting policy are important, yet complicated, business strategies and we put our experience to work to get results for our clients.


LMK Advocacy provides the following services


  • Comprehensive Government Affairs Strategies

  • Coalition-Building with Key Legislators and Industry Partners

  • Government Agency Funding Identification and Monitoring of Key Policy Shifts

  • Legislative and Regulatory Policy Lobbying

  • Grassroots/Grasstops Advocacy


LMK Advocacy represents our clients to every aspect of government at the local, state and federal levels. LMK walks you through the process of dealing with government which can be a time consuming and frustrating practice that many shy away from. We take that off your plate and handle it all for you.


What We Do


Public Policy and Legislative Advocacy


Our lobbyists at LMK Advocacy become an extension of your company; representing you to local, state and federal government officials. With over a decade of public and private legislative experience, our reputation is one you can take to the bank. Working a piece of legislation through the process can be a daunting experience. Let LMK Advocacy draft a strategy with your organization to accomplish your goals. Perhaps there is already a piece of legislation going through the process that is of concern to your organization—let us help you get a seat at the table. Make your voice heard, not only with elected officials but within appropriate associations and coalitions in your field.

Economic Development


LMK Advocacy has negotiated multi-million dollar incentive packages for companies with the State of Ohio. Don’t leave money on the table—let us get to work for you to ensure you are taking advantage of every grant, loan and tax credit your organization qualifies for.

Call us to discuss your organization’s needs. Everything we do is customized for each client and we would love to have a conversation with you to see how we can help.



LMK Advocacy has a strong track record of success in grassroots/grasstops advocacy strategy planning and implementation. We work with everyone from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies to develop strategies and achieve grassroots advocacy goals. We know the best approaches to attaining your organization’s grassroots goals and have the record to prove it.


LMK Advocacy can help position your company to apply for grants by monitoring opportunities as they arise as well as building relationships with appropriate public agencies so that you are well positioned when it comes time to actually apply for funding. We will help you from start to finish. We have a team of skilled grant writers to assist you every step of the way. LMK Advocacy maximizes our relationships to secure letters of support from appropriate community leaders and elected officials to strengthen your application. Upon successful receipt of grant funding, LMK Advocacy helps your organization draw down the funding.

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