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Kershner led the team in Ohio that was sub-contracted to the Big Three domestic automakers for grassroots lobbying in an effort to persuade Congress to pass the Advanced Technologies Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program. This measure would authorize Congress to fund federal, low-interest loans to domestic automakers to manufacture fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrid and electric models. Lori was responsible for drafting and collecting letters of support from key manufacturing leaders, economic development coalitions, environmental conservationists, technology and innovation associations and elected officials in support of the ATVM Incentive Program. Working with groups around the State of Ohio, Lori and her team were instrumental in sending several letters to targeted congressional districts, rallying support in the manufacturing industry and publishing an op-ed article focusing on the positive effects for the economy and environment.


In late September 2009, both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate passed a Continuing Resolution, which included and approved the Advanced Technologies Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program. This historic piece of legislation appropriated $25 billion dollars to U.S. automakers and auto suppliers to help manufacture fuel-efficient vehicles.

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